Ezra 4 Part 1

Read Ezra 4

  1. What did the enemies of the Jews request of the exiles that returned to rebuild the temple? Ezra 4:1-2


  1. How did Zerubbabel, Jeshua and the heads of the family respond?  Ezra 4:3


  1. What did these enemies do to discourage the people?  Ezra 4:4-5


  1. List the names of the four kings of Persia mentioned.  Ezra 4:5-7


  1. To what extremes did these enemies use to keep the Jews from rebuilding?  Ezra 4:7


  1. What were the Jews accused of doing in Ezra 4:12-13


  1. What recommendations did the enemies give the King in Ezra 4:14-15


  1. What tactic of fear did the enemies of the Jews feed upon with the King?  Ezra 4:14-15


9,  What resulted from the King’s search of Jerusalem’s history?  Ezra 4:18-22


  1. How did this letter effect the work being done on the temple?  Ezra 4:23-24


  1. List all the tactics the of the enemy you find in this chapter.  We will be looking at these in part 2


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