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Erza 3 Part 1

Read Ezra 3 What was the first thing Jeshua, the High Priest and Zerubbabel, the governor did as they reentered Jerusalem before rebuilding the temple?  Ezra 3:2   These were people who had been held in captivity in Babylon for 70 years, many would have been born...

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Ezra 1&2 Part 3

Application time.  This is what I call my, "So What?" These two chapters for me have been about trust.  Who do I trust in? I am easily tempted to try and make "my own way".  I have struggled to push myself into positions because of the fear of missing out or missing...

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Ezra 1&2 Part 2

I love history.  I love research, obscure facts,and word studies.  It is important to pay attention to repeated words or phrases, as we look at a passage of Scripture.  I noticed, in the reading that we are looking at again today that the phrase, "the Lord moved the...

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Ezra 1&2 Part 1

The Lord led me to the book of Ezra back in February of this year, as our family was facing a period of transition.  We were leaving the church we had been apart of for the last two years in answer to the call of God and one of our sons was headed off to Marine Boot...

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