Next Steps

Starting Point Lunch
Have you just visited or still new to Body of Christ Church? We hope to get to know you more! This lunch is a time for you to meet our pastors, staff and key leaders at BCC. We’ll also provide you with the tools to prayerfully consider joining us in God’s vision and values at BCC. This is only a starting point and does not commit you to any membership so at the very least come and enjoy a meal! Children are welcome also!Starting Point lunch is for anyone who wants to learn more about who we are (our Vision and Values), how we function (our leadership and organizational structure), and how you can get connected (next steps).

Next Step Class

After Starting Point Lunch, take the next step at our Next Step Class! Offered 2 times a year for 3 weeks, these classes are specifically designed for anyone new to BCC and looking to grow!  We will go deeper into what we believe, a few key values, and do some discovery of your spiritual gifts. We are confident that this will enrich your faith and journey in Christ and it will provide a clear pathway to more next steps of following Jesus.  Check our Events Page or email [email protected] for dates.


Jesus demonstrated the value of being baptized by doing so himself as a yielding to the Father’s plan and will. In the Great Commission Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” Thus, baptism is an act of obedience in submission to the will of God and a desire to follow Jesus. Baptism is also a public confession of faith and a declaration of living for Christ, dying to self, and receiving His life and power to walk in newness of life. (Romans 6:3-4)

The goal of our discipleship is to increasingly be filled with the love and character of Jesus by the work of the Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 4:11-16). We don’t believe this just happens on Sundays, it’s a daily, life long commitment to following Jesus. We cannot grow in isolation. (Hebrews 10:24-25) Our growth takes place in the context of community and relationship. We must learn to be honest and vulnerable in trusted relationships where we can allow the truth of God’s Word to penetrate the deepest parts of our heart and character. Check out the ways we do that below.

Children’s Ministry

Our mission is to cultivate a generation of godly children in partnership with families. According to Christianity Today the ages of 4 to 14 are critical to healthy spiritual growth. Christ is actively working in the lives of our children!
Team Night

These are momentous nights to jump in and be inspired to serve that happen 4 times a year. We believe serving is part of following Jesus (Matt. 20:28).

Or email us if you have a question of one of our ministries at [email protected]